egl diamond buyer

egl diamond buyer

Here on this site you can realize one of the best prices for all types of EGL certified diamonds. EGL Diamond Buyers has high demand for round diamonds over 2 carats and we are also buying all shapes including pear, princess, oval, emerald cut, marquise, heart and other custom diamond shapes.

Maybe you are asking yourself… “Were can I sell my EGL certified diamond in Los Angeles?” Whether you live in Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Saskatoon or Hong Kong we can purchase your egl certified diamond at top market price.

EGL Diamond Buyers has three generations of buying fine egl, gia, and ags certified diamonds and we have developed an intimate knowledge of diamonds as well as cultivating a comprehensive list of both wholesale and retail EGL diamond buyers.  This all translates to the bottom line for you…
a higher selling price and immediate payment.

Of course we seek out larger diamonds over 5 carats however unlike other EGL certified diamond buyers we are also seeking to purchase certified diamonds smaller diamond weighing .90ct and above.  High quality smaller EGL certified diamonds will be considered. We even buy chipped or broken EGL certified diamonds and recut them.

If you are thinking to liquidate your EGL, GIA, or AGS certified diamond, please click here and send us your information for a no obligation quote.

Thank you and we looking forward to working with
you on selling your EGL certified diamond.

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